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Quail Distributing is Nebraska’s leading distributor of fine wines from around the world, offering a broad portfolio and a carefully curated wine collection for top restaurants, hotels and resorts, and wine retailers across the state and Midwest. We feature the work of only the finest vineyards worldwide, and our wines are priced to appeal to a broad range of businesses. We have sommeliers, certified wine specialists and other industry experts on staff, so we can help you craft a wine list that will help you attract and retain your target consumer while boosting your business at the same time.

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Beer & Cider

Quail Distributing’s industry knowledge runs deep, and we offer a revolving list of beer and cider varieties that will entice your customer base and keep them coming back to see what’s next. Many of our offerings are carefully crafted right here in America and then chosen by our passionate, highly trained team, so allow us to offer insight about some of our favorites and help you do the same for your customers and guests.  


From the commonplace to the quite obscure, Quail Distributing has its finger firmly on the pulse of Nebraska’s spirits industry. Our offerings range from the strong, rich flavors of Swiss chocolate liqueur to more locally based standouts sourced right here in the Midwest. Our team is highly trained in all aspects of the global spirits market, and our list of available offerings is carefully chosen and constantly evolving. 


Whether you’re on the hunt for the ultimate in elegance or something that appeals to the masses, Quail Distributing can help you find glassware suitable for showcasing your liquor and spirits offerings. From classic, crystal-clear glassware to shatterproof varieties, we can match you with glass that will enhance your collection and appeal to your target market. 

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  • Govino
  • Schott Zwiesel